Everyone is Rock'em Sock'em Robots….


Things I hate. (Volume one)

This is a list of things I hate. In no particular order:

  1. Doctors
  2. Waiting rooms
  3. The sound of people eating spaghetti
  4. Cell phone chargers
  5. Frat guys
  6. Entitled pedestrians
  7. Cake frosting
  8. Fake fruit
  9. Mini crew socks
  10. White crew socks
  11. Mac ‘n Cheese bars
  12. Bluetooth
  13. Soggy bread
  14. Stale bread
  15. Wheat bread
  16. Oat bread
  17. Subway
  18. People who suggest Subway for lunch
  19. Jeep Wranglers
  20. Wet floors
  21. Sand
  22. Classism
  23. Too many chocolate chips in a cookie
  24. Eye exams
  25. People who drink protein shakes
  26. Multi-level marketing businesses
  27. People who defend multi-level marketing businesses with, “It’s not a pyramid scheme…”
  28. Hearing one half of a phone conversation
  29. *The guy who parks in my fucking spot.
  30. People who hum in public
  31. Dirty kitchens
  32. Rodents
  33. Shitty maintenance guys
  34. Too many toppings on hamburgers
  35. Too much meat in tacos
  36. Too much sour cream on my burrito from chipotle
  37. Shitty burrito folders at chipotle
  38. Bad service at fast food restaurants
  39. Shaving
  40. When hotels don’t have HBO
  41. Lists that end on an odd number.

*I really fucking hate that guy.


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